Prayer & Caregiving

Introducing ‘ICU’ of Grace

Intercessory Care Unit’ 

We are putting a new name to our wonderful Care Bearer Ministry, which incorporates prayer and care of those in our family at Grace Fellowship.

ICU of Grace’ is designed for the expression of our spiritual gifts to encourage and uplift, to bear one another’s burdens, to bring sunshine and a ray of hope to those under a cloud, to comfort those grieving, and to intercede in prayer for the needs of each other.

 Need a lift?  Do you wear a cloak of kindness?  Have the gift of Mercy? Love to make someone smile?  Are you a prayer warrior?  Do you feel alone and could use a pick me up?  Do you want to be involved in helping others, but don’t have tons of time? Are you grieving or just having a hard time?  Then the ‘ICU of Grace’ is for you.

 You can request to be one who recieves care or one who gives care.  As a care giver, writing cards, making calls, sending Facebook and text messages, or emails, praying with or for your care receiver, or going to visit, can be your choice of connection with your care receiver.  As the care receiver, you will find yourself inspiring and blessing the one who is offering you friendship and prayer in your time of need.

 So help Kim and Mary grow this ministry to continue to reflect the legacy of our church: Grace Fellowship, the Church that Cares!  Call us and get on the list for April and May!


Kim Aronovsky ~ 296- 5496  or  Mary Carnell ~ 304-2231