“Primetimers” is our ministry to Senior Adults. They are an energetic group that meets for social gatherings, ministry opportunities, day trips and fellowship. If you are interested in participating in this ministry, please contact our church office.

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  • Dee July 25, 2013 pm31 3:22 pm . Reply

    Im new to the area. I am interested in finding a group for fellowship and new friends.
    Can you tell me more about your Primetimers?
    Thank You

  • Jean Nielsen August 4, 2019 am31 11:13 am . Reply


    I am a senior that’s new to the area and I’m interested in the senior ministries plus functions. I’m 85 years old and feel like I’m starting all over in a new town where I know no one! Can you imagine?! At this age! I trust that God will always take care of me and lead me to where I am needed. I have been to your church one time and enjoyed it very much. Do you have transportation for seniors who no longer drive? I live in Jackson View Estates.
    Thanks so much,
    Jean Nielsen

    • General August 5, 2019 am31 9:11 am . Reply

      Hi Jean! Thanks for reaching out, and welcome to Amador! While we don’t have a transportation service in place, we have many loving people who attend this church who may be willing to give you a ride. Would you please call the office at 209-223-1971? Maybe we can work something out. –Karyn, office manager

  • Jean Nielsen January 17, 2020 am31 10:35 am . Reply

    Hi Karyn,

    I’m a little late with my reply, but I plan on calling you today. I look forward to talking to you.


  • gloria jean Bodenmuller February 26, 2020 pm29 6:27 pm . Reply

    Good evening, please allow me to introduce myself. First and foremost i am a child of the living God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. i am a Christian author and speaker.
    The Lord has laid it on my heart to speak to and minister to Seniors (as i am one) and children.
    With the Lord’s help i have written, illustrated and published several Christian children’s books and three adult books, one being a Daily Devotional.
    “Our” website is;
    i am available to speak and share the Gospel at your Senior luncheon’s, teas, events.
    Please contact me at or (209) 743-5832, if ewe are interested.
    Have a blessed evening.
    In His service,
    gloria jean Bodenmuller Christian author/speaker

    • General March 2, 2020 pm31 2:31 pm . Reply

      Hi Gloria, thanks for reaching out. I will pass this information along to our PrimeTimer’s ministry leaders, thanks!

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