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Grace Fellowship is a non-denominational, Bible centered church located in Jackson, California in the heart of the Sierra Nevada foothills.  We are a multi-generational, family oriented community of believers building relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ and with one another.

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  • Judy Hoag April 14, 2013 pm30 3:55 pm . Reply

    Do you have live streaming?

    • Mark Johnson April 15, 2013 pm30 4:35 pm . Reply

      Thanks for your interest in Grace! Unfortunately, we do not have live streaming. Maybe someday. Our messages are posted weekly and are downloadable. God bless!

      Pastor Mark

  • Todd August 1, 2013 pm31 6:29 pm . Reply

    My wife and I will be attending your church for the first time this Sunday and really looking forward to it!

    • Mark Johnson August 5, 2013 pm31 9:37 pm . Reply

      That’s great! I am looking forward to meeting you both. Blessings to you!

  • Don Motto September 19, 2014 am30 10:05 am . Reply

    My wife Teena, son Vincent and myself attended your Church Meeting last Sunday. I appreciated the message you shared and thoughts on the books of Romans and Hebrew. I want to thank everyone for their kindness and making my family and myself feel very comfortable. My wife attended the grief sharing group meeting and I got back from my doctors appt. in time to watch some of the softball game in Sutter Creek. While we won’t be able to attend Meeting this Sunday, as we have a Motto clan gathering, we do intend to come by again. We look forward to learning more about you and your fellowship and giving you a chance to get to know us. As the Lord admonishes us to “lay hands suddenly on no man” He also instructs us to be together and demonstrate to an observing world that Christ wants all men to be saved and that Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection paid the price for everyone sins. I look forward to seeing how we can do that together. Also, do you have any home bible study groups meeting in the Comanche Lake Village/Ione area?
    Don Motto

    • Mark Johnson October 21, 2014 am31 9:30 am . Reply

      Glad to hear that you are connecting to the people at Grace. I saw that you signed up for our Grace 101 class beginning Oct 29 at 6:30pm. Looking forward to seeing you there.


  • Cynthia Hoffman October 24, 2015 pm31 5:16 pm . Reply

    Are you having trunck or treat or some sort of Halloween replacement on October 31st?

    • jlegoullon October 25, 2015 pm31 2:11 pm . Reply

      Yes. From 3-6pm at the El Dorado Savings parking lot in Jackson on main street. Hope to see you there.

  • blaide November 24, 2015 pm30 11:34 pm . Reply

    God bless you pastor Mark for all

  • Justin Pirrone December 5, 2016 pm31 4:18 pm . Reply

    My family and I are moving to your area. We are not only looking for a new home congregation but both my son’s want to be baptized. They are 14 and 11 amd have chosen this themselves and we could not be happier. As their father I have considered doing it myself and I have baptized other believers in the past but wanted to see if people professing their faith in Christ can be baptized at your Church? Please let me know we plan on coming to visit your congregation if possible. But this is important to us and we want to do this soon. Thank you and God bless.

    Justin Pirrone

  • Kathleen January 7, 2017 pm31 2:46 pm . Reply

    Do you offer any type of counciling services?

    • General January 9, 2017 pm31 3:56 pm . Reply

      The general answer to your question is “yes”, although it really depends on what you’re looking for, as each situation is unique. If you’d like to pursue this further, please email office@gracefellowshipamador.org and someone will provide more detailed information for you. God bless!

  • Kakidi George April 19, 2017 pm30 3:14 pm . Reply

    Very encouraging

  • Heidi L Maher February 12, 2019 pm28 3:44 pm . Reply

    Looking forward to worshipping with our extended RCP family this weekend <3

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